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Volunteer Opportunities

The volunteers offer vital support to the structure of the RED ÍNCOLA and they are an identifying feature of it. We currently have over 350 volunteers. With their involvement in various programs, they acquire a direct knowledge of the reality of immigration from the poorest families.

Each volunteer comes to the network through different paths, young and old, women and men, each with one thing in common: to devote part of their time to others. The time they selflessly offer, takes us one more step closer in the formation of a more intercultural and human society. Each of the volunteers leaves their mark on the institution, which grows day by day through the experiences we share together.

If you are passionate about this project and have the time; if you ever stopped to think that your life is more authentic when you help others; if you think it is better to give of yourself than just to give; if you believe that contact with other people makes you grow as a human being; if you are committed ... Join us and dare to share some of your time for a good cause. That little bit of hope that you have within you, together with that of others like you can be a light that will guide disoriented people who have been forgotten by society and want to be heard.

We need smiles, a helping hand, kind words and shoulders to lean on. There are many things we need to do and maybe you can lend a hand.

Call us at 983 307083, email us to or visit us at a morning schedule at the C/Olmo, 63 47010 Valladolid (Spain)

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