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Process description

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Process description

A process could be defined as a series of repetitive activities or steps that are taken in order to achieve a certain end. A process can begin with some kind of input, plus the use (and using up) of certain resources in order to create outcomes that are of value to a particular set of clients, in this case, our immigrant population.

Within any process there can be different sub-processes:

• Activity: A series of tasks or actions, realized through the employment of human resources or the use of materials by an organization, which produce a clearly identifiable result.

• Resources: A set of available assets or elements, of a human, economic, or informational nature, etc., which an organization utilizes as means to an end, without those elements expending themselves in the process.

• Input: Information, documents, products, etc. which a process uses or upon which it acts to add value to the input, converting them into output.

• Output: Information, physical products or services which the process makes available to the clients (immigrants).

Why do we think it useful to define and describe the processes carried out by Red Íncola?

We believe that the act of explicitly identifying and articulating the actions we undertake as a part of our mission helps us to remain faithful to that mission. Having this clarity of purpose also enables us to carry out our work more efficiently and effectively, as it allows us to remain focused on tasks, procedures, activities, etc. that are necessary in order to meet and fulfill the needs of the parties we mean to assist. An added benefit is that we are able to better assess the degree of success we are having as we strive to continuously improve upon our program.

Process Management is considered a fundamental element for the management of excellence in organizations. It is at the heart of the European quality model, EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). Process Management has a greater capacity for reacting to changes. Breaking with traditional concepts of the hierarchy of roles and duties, it places great value on teamwork and establishes an organization that is based on management by individuals responsible for the different procedures.

Red Íncola's management chart is a graphic representation that serves to identify the principal procedures of our organization and to show the sequence and interactions of the processes that are involved in the development of our activity. We group our actions by tasks and in accordance to the value that they afford our target group.

Our Strategic Interests

• To be a presence in society
• Strategic planning
• Funding and financial management
• Volunteer workers

This kind of process management allows us to strategically focus and direct the service and mission that we carry out. Along with other procedures and actions, it contributes to political determinations, to the objectives we strive to achieve and it assures the steering direction of global performance.

Additionally, this model of process management adds value as soon as it is implemented, resulting in consequences that directly affect the results we seek to effect and the satisfaction and fulfillment of our clients. It also assures the medium and long-term of the organization.

Our Operational Interests

Our operational interests are directly connected to the delivery of service we offer and they begin immediately, from the moment a client first makes contact with us by knocking on the door of Red Incola, until the conclusion of that service. Those concerns include:
• Initial Welcome, Attention and Care
• Formation and Social Integration
• Integration into the Workforce
• Increased Social Awareness and Participation
• Pastoral Fostering

Our Support System

Finally, our support system guarantees the conditions and resources necessary to allow the other systems to reach optimal development. Our support system includes:

• Human Resources
• Material Resources
• System Quality Management

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