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Mission, vision and values

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Mission, Vision and Values


RED ÍNCOLA is a group of people inspired by an understanding of Christian Humanism which in turn leads us toward one same Mission, sharing the same Values with a common Vision of the world we long for.


We are individuals organized in a collective network, working in support of the most marginalized of immigrant populations, by promoting their rights so that they may enjoy a dignified life.


We dream of a world built upon the values of tolerance and dialogue, the free movement of individuals and the collaboration of nations so that no person is ever forced to emigrate.

As an organization we wish to contribute to this effort, offering our reflections and our works as an integrated response to the challenges presented by the issues of migration; we strive to improve the quality of our programs and to increase our influence in the pursuit of a more just society.


The following are the values that identify us as active members of our Network.

1. Dignity and Justice. We recognize and defend the totality of human rights to bring about those conditions that allow all peoples to be members with full and complete rights within society. We want to improve the public image of immigrants, training them for advancement and facilitating their access to those means that would make this possible. We promote their integration as citizens and their participation in the development of the common ground they share with the rest of society.

2. Interculturality. We support and defend a pluralistic society, where all cultures interact with one another in a respectful manner. We encourage and favor the integration, coexistence, understanding and mutual enrichment among peoples of different cultures by means of dialogue, conscientious listening, compromise and synergy.

3. Collaboration. We take on the responsibility of cooperating and uniting with different public and private entities and instruments that work in favor of a more dignified image of immigration. We encourage this effort within the network.

4. Coherence. We aspire to be clear and transparent in our efforts, in our human relations and in the criteria upon which we act so that our beliefs and convictions are reflected both in our words and deeds.

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