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Data protection act

In compliance with the Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of personal data, RED ÍNCOLA informs its customers and visitors the of the following considerations:

As a result of registration in any of the RED ÍNCOLA Services,  the User/Customer agrees that personal data provided by him or made available in the future through RED ÍNCOLA, can be processed in a file of personal data. The data collected may be used to perform statistics, advertising according to user preferences, conducting prize competitions, service management and incident management.

RED ĺNCOLA shall be responsible for the files created. The data owner will at all times have the right to access the files, and exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition according to the terms included in the data protection legislation. To this end, the user and owner of the data should send a letter signed by himself (i) to the registered office of RED ÍNCOLA or (ii) to the email address ( indicating the address of the holder of such data, in order for RED ÍNCOLA to respond to the user/owner's request.

The providing of certain information (phone number or email address, username and password), required for registration as a user, is mandatory. RED ÍNCOLA may refuse to register any person who does not provide such data. You may request additional information to define the user profile in order to provide a more personalized service. If these data are not reported, RED ÍNCOLA shall not refuse access to its website, although the usefulness of RED ÍNCOLA to the user shall be limited.

The data owner explicitly authorizes RED ÍNCOLA to transfer data to any public or private entity directly related to RED ÍNCOLA for the data processing purposes described above, as well as to other entities that require such data in order to provide the products and services, requested by the holder; this authorization is also granted to any entity which, by extension, accepts the services provided by RED ÍNCOLA.

The user's consent for treatment and disposal of his personal data will be revocable at any time, as long as a written communication is sent to the registered domicile of the database owner, RED ÍNCOLA, or to the email address above. Such communication shall be made by sending a letter signed by the owner of the data, indicating his address so that RED ÍNCOLA may reply.

To become a registered user, a name and a password must be entered, which will serve to access the website. The user must make responsible use of his username and password. The user will be solely responsible for the custody of such passwords and shall be responsible for any misuse by third parties as a result of negligence on the part of the user. The user is obliged to disclose the general conditions of use to anyone whom he authorizes to use his personal data to enter the website. RED ÍNCOLA is not responsible for the user's account access of anyone other than the registered user.
The RED ÍNCOLA user is encouraged to memorize both the username and the password used to access his account and, as much as possible, to not make it available to third parties. The user, in order to comply with the personalized services offered by RED ÍNCOLA must: (a) notify RED ÍNCOLA if other individuals are accessing his account or if the user becomes aware of any unauthorized use of his username and/or password or any other means of security related to the Website or the Services, and (b) ensure that the user closes the browser after each session.


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