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Stakeholders are all individuals or groups that affect or are affected by the activities of an entity.

RED ÍNCOLA prioritizes the needs and expectations of our stakeholders; those who make our services necessary and those who help us reach our goal of creating a fairer society through special attention to the immigrant population.

Within RED ÍNCOLA, we opt for an open dialogue with our stakeholders, based on transparency in management and information.

RED ÍNCOLA’s key stakeholder is the immigrant and his/her immediate social circle, in particular family members and close relatives. Meeting the needs and expectations of this group is at the core of our mission.

There are various stakeholders that help carry out RED ÍNCOLA’s projects on a daily basis. They have varying degrees of involvement within our network, but all contribute to making it possible to address the needs and dreams of the people who come to us.

RED ÍNCOLA would like to make special mention of our funding partners, both public and private, who by identifying with the mission of our network and who through dialogue and transparency, are at the core of our activity.

Working within a network is fundamental to our work. We coordinate our services with other institutions to better respond to the needs of immigrant families.

Moreover, the media is an essential tool to educate and inform citizens about the reality of migration that RED ÍNCOLA is involved in and to report any situations of injustice that can be detected.

There are many institutions, schools, parishes, and NGOs that also collaborate with us. It would be impossible to name them all, but you are a pillar of our organization.

Internally, there are various stakeholders, such as the institutions that form our network, and their volunteers and workers. The quality and human potential of RED ÍNCOLA is undoubtedly a pillar that we need to care for, educate, listen to, encourage, inform and keep well connected to the spirit that moves us and encourages us to dream that another world is possible.




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