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Volunteer area

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The Volunteer Area

Since the beginning, the volunteer corps has been an essential pillar in the work that Red Íncola does to benefit the immigrant population. None of the actions, projects and resources that we depend on would be possible without the selfless collaboration of 450 people who altruistically dedicate part of their time to help immigrants.

The volunteer corps with immigrants is a concrete way to be in solidarity and to be a place of welcome for all people of other nationalities, who for various reasons, have decided to live with us and share our spaces. As an act of humanity with others that benefits and helps both by way of encounter, it is about personal growth and development.

To promote the volunteer corps, Red Íncola considers that this is also a way of social transformation to create a horizontal network of people who with their various social, cultural worlds become the major transmitters of values as solidarity and justice for with all the people who because of their vulnerability, they are at risk or suffer from exclusion. At the same time, their action in the social fabric sets up the potential to welcome and respect diversity and multiculturalism.

For this to work, it is not enough to have time available for others, but it is necessary to have adequate training for the effective development. Good intentions, although important, are not sufficient, but there must be a reason for what we do and why we do it. For this, we provide training. Each year a training program is built to provide for the necessities of the volunteers and adequately train them for satisfactory performance in their chosen position.

Other training actions are the webpage of the Association that is constantly updated with news and articles of interest and the conference of the volunteer corps that is used to organize collaboration with other organizations that help the immigrants of Valladolid.

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