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Social presence area

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The Social Presence Area

The Social Presence Area promotes social awareness campaigns and public advocacy, which aim to educate citizens about the opportunities presented by the phenomenon of immigration. We want to break stereotypes deeply rooted in society when talking about “integration” and highlight the personal, cultural, economic and social enrichment that people who come to our city give us.

In the Red Incola, we promote a multicultural society, where we can develop a new understanding of coexistence between people of different origins. We have a vision of society that is based on the diversity and richness that this bring people who make up today's society, and merging these differences into a new way of understanding and living relationships.

Within this context of awareness, the Red Incola takes two lines of action: The first is employing communication as a tool to generate knowledge about the social reality of immigration; and the second is participation by creating spaces in which we can all share experiences and defend the rights of all people who share our society.

The main purpose is to promote openness and dialogue in society. Through various campaigns for awareness, advocacy and citizen participation, we involve volunteers, users, media and citizens of our society as active and change agents to promote an intercultural society.

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