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Pastoral area

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The Pastoral Area

The Pastoral Area of Red Íncola responds with a variety of opportunities and outlets in order to address the spiritual needs of immigrant persons, offering meetings and activities for those who wish to have spiritual companionship, share concerns and interests, celebrate their faith and come together in order to learn about other sensibilities and religious beliefs.

In our Pastoral Area, we begin our mission with a double conviction:

• The belief that what is religious cannot be limited to the realm of the individual, but rather, must be welcomed, nurtured and expressed within community.

• The belief that religion, when lived authentically, far from dividing, unites and, for that reason, it is necessary to build bridges that foster knowledge of other religions and belief systems. This compels us to work on ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, in order to create a 'shared home' where there is room for all expressions of faith.

This year, Red Íncola, in coordination with the Diocesan Delegation of Migration, has started a three-pronged program of action that provides pastoral attention to the immigrant population.

First and foremost is the attention and care given to individuals, primarily from Latin America, who are of the Catholic faith. To better serve and minister to these persons, we have created the "Incola Meeting Spot" as a space for reflection and dialogue about existential and spiritual topics. We will also have a monthly Mass, during which we can joyfully share our common faith while remaining aware and sensitive to the diversity of cultures within our community. Our desire to acknowledge and mark this enriching diversity leads us, as much as is feasible, to collaborate and participate in the celebrating of religious feast days important to a particular group of people, such as the feast of our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12th), or other feasts and religious gatherings that are meaningful to other nationality groups.

Secondly, we wish to promote ecumenical dialogue with other Orthodox and Protestant Christian denominations and, in fellowship and brotherhood, to live a common faith which has, over time, taken on differing forms of expression.

Thirdly, we wish to engage other religions, particularly Islam, in dialogue so as to facilitate mutual understanding through emphasis on those things we do share in common: belief in one Creator, the importance of prayer, the struggle for justice and the promotion of charity, among other articles of faith and tradition.

Embracing our own ideology, which is inspired and formed by Christian humanism, as well as our experiences of daily contact with immigrant persons, we commit ourselves to pastoral actions that respect the beliefs of each person, while we put forth our Catholic faith as a viable way of seeing and interpreting reality.

Meeting Spot Program

Eucharist Program


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