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Training area

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The Training Area

One of Red Íncola’s objectives is to offer comprehensive assistance to every person and family that uses our programs and services. To do so, it is necessary to respond to the educational needs of the people that come to us. We offer a wide range of programs, organized in terms of interests, age level, and linguistic context, among other factors.

These services are coordinated by a professional from the educational field who relies on the contribution of almost one hundred volunteers.

PRIMARY CLASSROOM: After-school tutoring is offered to the children who come to Red Íncola’s centers. Tutoring sessions are personalized to each child’s needs and difficulties to help them advance in their educational process.

SECONDARY CLASSROOM: Personalized tutoring for secondary students with special attention given to the subject areas that they have the most difficulty with. Additionally, meetings are held with faculty at each student’s school to ensure an effective response to the adolescent’s situation.

SUMMER CAMPS: During the summer, students who participate in educational programs during the school-year can attend camp in or outside of Valladolid. The summer camps offer an alternative to the typical leisure activities available in the city throughout the year. They offer a healthy social environment and the opportunity for personal growth within the context of nature, creativity, respect, and tolerance.

PLAYROOM: A didactic playroom for the non-school-aged children of those who take part in the Program for Arab Women. This service was developed in response to the need to provide care for these young children while their mothers attend Spanish classes, workshops, or other activities as part of the program.

PROGRAM FOR ARAB WOMEN: A program specifically for women who come from Arab countries. It consists of Spanish language learning, pre-employment workshops, and cultural activities. A mediator of Arab nationality carries out translations, mediations, and monitoring to promote the communication and integration process.

SPANISH CLASSES FOR ADULTS: Due to the high demand, especially in the initial arrival period and in order to facilitate incorporation into the job market, we began offering Spanish classes. Classes are offered in small groups led by teachers with diverse specializations: oral expression, basic grammar, reading, etc.

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