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Employment area

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The Employment Area

Various elements are integrated in Red Íncola's employment area: job search, job market, pre-job training, active search for employment and a computer room.

In these times of job uncertainty, the services offered by this area are the most sought after by people who come to the headquarters of Red Íncola.

The Employment Area carries out the tasks of job searching. The person in charge of the area maintains periodic meetings with other social organizations, both public and private, that have employment programs to gain more resources and acquire information about good practices carried out in these organizations.

It also works with organizations of Valladolid that welcome immigrants, mostly to exchange information on job openings. In this area, besides helping in the active search for employment, they offer training courses coordinated by Red. These courses are organized according to the needs of the users.

Reviewing the central points of this area:


Consists in the labor mediation that puts immigrants in direct contact with employers, stimulating confidence in the person to be hired, facilitating the administrative process and making sure the employer fulfills fair conditions.


Thanks to this service, we offer a professional qualification to the users to improve their chances to access the job market. This training opportunity is adjusted to the user’s available time and the needs of the job market.


One of the challenges that a person coming from another culture and context has to face is the active search for employment. This service offers training in social skills needed to complete an effective job search at the same time it helps to increase the capacity to find a job. Many of these efforts also provide a good training in the search for job openings on the Internet.


This training service is directed toward a highly excluded social group. The class, held in the building of “Calor y Café”, is equipped with twenty computers


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