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Reception area

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The Reception Area

The Newcomer and Settlement Services department is considered the front door to Red Íncola. It is where we attempt to respond to the basic needs of immigrants. At Red Incola’s Reception Center, located at the central office in Plaza España, newcomers who arrive to the Red for the first time receive initial care and attention.

These services are carried out by the social worker, who through personal interviews determines the most urgent needs in each case. After this initial assessment, a decision is made about which available resources can most effectively meet the individual’s needs. The newcomer is referred to services within Red Íncola or other public and private organizations that provide assistance to immigrants in Valladolid. The orientation provided by this department actively involves each person in the search for solutions, not only for their personal welfare, but with the intention of integrating the newcomer into society.

The following programs form the Newcomer and Settlement Services department:

INTAKE: initial assistance and referral to programs and services.

FOOD ASSISTANCE: a program for families without adequate resources. Following an assessment by the social worker and based on necessity, food is delivered to families once a month.

CLOTHING ASSISTANCE: a program for families and individuals facing economic difficulties that impede access to appropriate clothing for the climate of Valladolid. Clothing is acquired through individual donations and then selected to ensure that the items provided are clean and in good condition.

SHOWER AND LAUNDRY SERVICE: a service provided those who are currently homeless or who do not have hot water or a washing machine in their homes. It allows these individuals to maintain adequate personal hygiene and have access to clean clothing.

'HOGAR VICUÑA': a nighttime shelter for women, with no family dependents, who are in an emergency situation or who lack sufficient resources to acquire housing. It is a place where the women feel welcomed and supported. Volunteers provide company at dinner and breakfast.

TRANSITIONAL HOUSING: families in need are provided with fully-equipped apartments. Continual monitoring is carried out and a personalized integration plan for each member of the family is developed so that they may overcome the housing challenges they face.

DAY CENTER “CALOR Y CAFÉ”: a place to meet and socialize with others and enjoy free time together. The cultural exchange amongst people from different countries, along with access to the computer lab, library, and various workshops offered facilitate the economic and social integration of immigrants.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ATTENTION AND FAMILY THERAPY: a group of professionals provide counseling to help improve the emotional health of those suffering from personal crisis. All interventions are confidential and are available for individuals, couples, and families.

'CAFÉ SOLIDARIO': Two nights a week, volunteers travel through the streets and parks of the city offering hot chocolate and cookies to the homeless, immigrants and Spaniards alike, as a way of breaking the loneliness and isolation that accompany their situation.


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